What Our Customers Say....

Mallard Bay Apartment Project

Light tubes Korman Builders lives by the old adage "say what you're going to do and then do it"; they did exactly what they said they were going to do. Korman Builders finished the room above our garage in Mallard Bay on the Great Wicomico River in Northumberland County, including electrical, plumbing, drywalling and finish work. Korman Builders is knowledgeable about new building products and extremely honest about the work to be performed and the cost for the work.

As an example of their looking out for cost to the customer, Doug suggested using light tubes as an alternative to skylights as a more effective way to provide natural light for the space. These light tubes proved to be more successful at providing light than any skylights we have ever had.

Doug works as if the job was being done for his own home. I would not hesitate to recommend Korman Builders to anyone for any building or remodeling project.

Jay & Susan, Heathsville, Virginia

Garage Apartment Project

Light tubes We built a garage apartment for Rob and Nicolle and this is what she had to say: Before the job started, they warned us that they tend to "overbuild" (in a good way) and they really did. If there was an easy way and a better way, Doug always chose the better way. One thing we were leery about was the issue of change orders. Being from NY we have had concerns that many contractors make up for a low bid with change orders or use the change order process to take advantage of the client. Not Doug. He was always fair with change order pricing. We never felt taken advantage of or that we were treated anything but fairly. Doug built our garage/apartment as if he were building for himself. It was absolutely perfect. You won't meet anyone more honest, hardworking, or trustworthy as Doug. I highly recommend Korman Builders. We can't wait for him to build our home when we retire, or sooner.

Massapequa Park, NY

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